Here’s the ultimate travel hack: instead of blowing a bag on visiting your dream destination during peak season, save your coins and travel during the off-season.

Traveling even a few weeks after peak season can save you major bucks and you won’t have to worry about crowds. These 5 destinations are perfect for off-season travel:


Portugal has been an Instagram hot-spot lately which has made it super busy during peak season.

August is the month when everyone in Europe is on vacation, so it may not be an ideal time to visit.

Instead, head to Portugal in late May or September and avoid the influx of tourists at a much cheaper rate.


Another European destination best for off-season travel, Croatia is perfect for relaxation and getting a tan.

Travel in September and October and you’ll still be able to enjoy the warm weather, sightseeing tours, and quaint towns.

Buenos Aires

Travel to the capital city of Argentina during the beginning of fall or late spring and still enjoy beautiful weather.

Summer and Christmas coincide in Buenos Aires which makes summer travel to this city super expensive. By traveling during the off-season, you’ll beat the holiday rush.


Photo by Jenny Marvin on Unsplash

Book your travel plans to this peninsula anytime from September to November.

Tourists usually leave after August because the weather begins to cool, although it’s still warm enough to enjoy swimming in the ocean.

The pink-sand beaches and clear waters won’t be occupied, making it a sure reason to travel to Bermuda during the off-season.


Aruba is warm all year round but people tend to avoid traveling between June to November in fear of hurricane season.

Unbeknownst to most, Aruba sits outside of the hurricane path so it’s technically safe to travel during this time.