As we see the numbers of COVID-19 increase again, a few airlines are receiving backlash after it was revealed that they will no longer cap flight capacity. As of this week, American and Unites Airlines will both begin booking full capacity flights again.

Some experts are accusing the airlines of putting profits over people.

“Packing an airplane 100% full without health testing in place is a risky business decision,” Henry Harteveldt, a travel analyst with Atmosphere Research Group said in a statement. “If someone contracts the COVID-19 virus on a 100% full plane, they’re going to sue American Airlines. Just because another airline is doing it doesn’t mean it’s the right business decision.”

The airline said they will continue to offer passengers the opportunity to change their flight if they are not comfortable flying with a full load. They will also allow them to change seats on the flight if there are open seats available, as long as it is in the same cabin.

“I can’t imagine a worse time to tell passengers that the airplanes they may be on will be completely full,” Dennis Tajer, spokesman for the Allied Pilots Association said.

American and United join Spirit in the decision to open up flights. The airlines argue that their upgraded cleaning measures make up for the need to cap passenger capacity.

Delta, Southwest, and JetBlue will continue to fly at limited capacity through at least the fall.

With this new decision, does it affect your decision to fly?

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