The longstanding Los Angeles Pride parade will be held virtually this year to combat any fears of the coronavirus spreading while the city of LA enters the yellow tier.

The annual LGBTQ commemoration is based in West Hollywood which is coined as the “gay district of Los Angeles” where you will find gay-friendly establishments and bars for the community to feel protected. The various rainbow flags scattered across Santa Monica Boulevard runs through the entire buzzy district packed with boisterous crowds that usually flock to this trendy area on Thursday Nights to the end of the weekend.

Although, LGBTQ Pride celebrations are canceled statewide in California, there are others in states such as Florida. The main reason why Californians won’t be able to participate in in-person parades and parties, is because the state faced massive economic loss from 2020s inescapable outbreak.

Los Angeles Pride
Tanushree Rao

Even with cases dropping, major events with thousands of attendees are still not operating until August.

Nonprofit organization head, Sharon-Franklin Brown wanted to avoid many large in-person gatherings from happening so that safety could remain her priority. The President of Christopher Street West was against putting together event programming that needs more time to produce, and she wasn’t sure if California was going to be reopening by that time. With the expected date of June 15 being the day of the economy reopening, Los Angeles Pride usually takes place from June 13 to June 15 which is prior to Gavin Newsom’s statewide declaration.

On June 10, there is going to be an LA pride virtual event happening on TikTok that will have musician performances, and it will be livestreamed on the app. The artists will include an extensive list of major LGBTQ artists and the concert is called “Thrive with Pride.” If you don’t want to stream through your mobile device, televised on KABC-TV Channel 7, will be an LGBTQ celebration special airing at 9 p.m. on June 12.

Being the leader of the Christopher Street West organization, Sharon-Franklin Brown is the first transgender woman to be the President of this institution, and she took this position up in August. She is seeking to revitalize the nonprofit with modern policies and resources that are more suitable for all LGBTQ community members.