What if we told you that HBO’s Game Of Thrones hid six Iron Throne replicas around the world? What if we also told you that there’s one still left out there? Well…not anymore.

The last Iron Throne has reportedly been found in Fort Totten, New York, by a woman who knew “exactly where it was.”

The sixth and final location was cryptically released on March 28 on Twitter.

“A new city flying a starry banner seeks protection from the Great War. How far will you go #ForTheThrone?” the official GoT Twitter wrote.

“I knew exactly where it was because every year the park has a haunted house and it’s in that battery,” said the woman who found the location, Melanie Joaquin. “The battery is basically where all the cannons were held and it’s really creepy and it’s one of those places in New York City that you never forget. You can see spots in the wall that have cannonball dents.”

Joaquin found the location so quickly (a little over an hour, according to VICE) that it took producers by surprise. After finding the location in Queens, Joaquin was asked a few questions and then taken to the throne.

“She got here so quickly. We were in shock,” Aramique Krauthammer, the director of the Iron Throne project, told VICE. “We didn’t even know where she came from. I’m still surprised, like—how is this possible?”

The much awaited final season kicks off April 14. In the meantime, HBO has been teasing the new season by dropping hints on where to find the Iron Thrones on Twitter and on livestream.

The five that have been found were located around the world, including Brazil and Canada.

The iron throne — for those not hip to the hit HBO series — is located in the Great Hall.