Ghana is moving towards greener solutions in the transportation industry, and an environmentally-conscious shift is underway with the implementation of solar-powered vehicles in the country. The male-dominated world of automobile manufacturing is known throughout Ghana, but three leading Black women engineers are changing that narrative by working alongside the start-up, SolarTaxi.

This new company is building out a line of electric vehicles for Ghanaians to use for transportation, in order to lessen the harms caused by fossil fuels and other gas-affiliated dangers.

The electric engineers behind SolarTaxi — Belinda, Gifty, and Erica are paving the way for the future of Ghana and are creating more opportunities for female entrepreneurs. By working against the pollution created by everyday vehicles running on fuel, the Female Engineering Academy is forging its own initiatives by producing noise-free vehicles and teaching other young women how to engineer electric vehicles.

Belinda and Gifty were earlier mentees in the academy, and now they are employed with SolarTaxi and are mentoring other trainees to follow their footsteps. The program is meant to help normalize the confidence Black women engineers should have in their line of work, although they know they may be viewed as an outsider, especially in a Ghanaian industry that doesn’t normally employ female workers.

These 3 Ghanaian female engineers are among the first to construct their own electric vehicles in the country. This historical feat is going to help reduce poverty rates in the country by creating more opportunities for employment. This will surely lead the way for the future of Ghana and its female citizens who are seeking work outside the traditional roles. The academy has trained over 60 Ghanian women and are looking to enroll and mentor more future female engineers.