The Black Expat: To Buy Storage Units Or Save The Coins?
Photo Credit: Cottonbro

Photo Credit: Cottonbro

The Black Expat: To Buy Storage Units Or Save The Coins?

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Amara Amaryah
Amara Amaryah Oct 21, 2022

That is the question. Many expats have engaged in this age-old debate about the usefulness or hindrance of storage units. Honestly, there are reasons and benefits for both sides of the argument. Many are divided on the use of storage units and we absolutely get it. But Black expats are still packing up and moving, so the question remains, which is the best option?

What we find is that it all comes down to the kind of expat you are and the way you organize your life abroad. For some, the Blaxit is real and they want nothing to do with their life in the U.S. In this sense, the storage unit is often ditched. Others prefer to have safety nets for themselves and edge out into expat life rather than jumping in fully. Read on to find out what the verdict is on having a storage unit when becoming an expat.

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The benefits:

  • It allows for a level of flexibility that some travelers may need if they’re still unsure about making the ‘big move’. It is a safer option that may appeal to some who are testing the waters as a newbie expat.
  • This is an ideal option for those with time-restricted travel. For instance, buying a storage unit if you figure your travels may last 6 months and then you’ll reassess or move back home.
  • Sabbaticals and gap years seem more manageable with this option, especially if you don’t have someone you can afford to leave all your stuff with in your hometown.
  • There are certain things that might not be suitable for shipping abroad in the first instance when moving abroad. This might be a nice way to store it until you’re able to check out your new home/city and see if it still holds a place in your life.

The downside:

  • If you’re looking for a sleek, minimalist, downsized life then maybe you should reevaluate your storage unit needs. Perhaps another alternative could be to donate or sell your items rather than holding on to them if you want to own less while freely traveling the world.
  • This leads on to the next point; many travelers find that storage units at home become redundant when actually on the road. While traveling, your personality may evolve and your attachment to older items may no longer exist the way it once did.
  • The final point is an obvious one … storage units can be expensive! The number question to ask is if the expense will be worth it.  One reason to scrap the plans of getting a storage unit is to have more money to travel and maybe invest in new spaces and memories abroad.

While there are plenty of reasons to choose to leave or invest in a storage unit, the decision is in your hands. However your expat journey goes, it is always important to consider the reality of what is going to be useful or bothersome for you once you start your life overseas. There is relief in knowing that you can change your mind!

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