Traveling the world may not be an option right now, but that doesn’t mean you have to deprive yourself of tasty international treats. I recently got the opportunity to sample several snacks from Japan, courtesy of Bokksu, a monthly subscription box of local Japanese specialties that was founded by Danny Taing in 2016. Each box full of snacks has a different theme. The theme for my box was Seasons of Japan.

Let’s start with the basics: Japan has been on my travel bucket list for years. I had never been, but as a culture traveler, something about experiencing the food, the lights, and the overall atmosphere has always kept the beautiful country on my radar. My goal was to visit this summer, however, due to COVID-19, that plan was postponed indefinitely. Being able to taste Japanese snacks for the first time was something I couldn’t wait to do. That’s why, when I received my first Bokksu delivery, I nearly ripped the box in half to get to the goods!

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Besides the brightly colored packaging, which I loved, the box was very sturdy, which made me confident that my snacks would arrive in one piece. I was not disappointed.

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The box promises that you’ll ‘Discover Japan through snacks,’ and that I did. It was filled to the brim with over a dozen items — some of which came with more than one, so I could share with a friend.

Instagram: @eleven8

From salty and savory snacks to sweet and juicy candies, there was a little of everything for all taste buds. If you know me, you know I leaned more towards the sweets.

Instagram: @eleven8

I could make out what most of the treats were and predict how they’d taste based on the images on the packaging, but for everything else, the Bokksu box comes with a really cute booklet that explains what everything is.

Instagram: @eleven8

According to their website, Bokksu sources their snacks in Japan from a mix of local and well-known makers and is committed to bringing their members the best Japanese snacks available. They definitely succeeded in that regard. Of all the snacks, my favorite was the White Strawberry, which is apparently a Bokksu exclusive.

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If you’re the type of person who likes to learn about different cultures through food, or in this case snacks, I definitely suggest getting a taste of Japan through Bokksu’s monthly boxes. Not only are they bringing treats to your home that are hard to find in the United States, they don’t skimp on the quality. You can subscribe and receive the next box at

Now, if I can only get my hands on one of those flavored Kit Kat’s I’ve been hearing about.