Posting on Instagram can be a headache, especially while on vacation. You want to sightsee and take pictures at the same time. It can be exhausting, but one hotel is hoping to give visitors a break.

Ibis hotels are now offering tourists a chance to hire a “social media sitter,” or someone who would take over your social media accounts while you’re on vacation. The Swiss hotel chain is working with official Instagram influencers, who know a thing or two about posting perfect pictures, to take over your feed and IG stories on your behalf while you enjoy yourself. If you are comfortable with a stranger running your social media accounts, then is the service for you. Influencers like Cristina Gheiceanu, who cover fashion and beauty, is already on board. Her account has over 150,000 followers.

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The service called ‘Relax, We Post,’ is on a trial month through early this month at the hotel brand’s locations in Geneva and Zurich, Switzerland. Users are getting a break because Instagram influencers typically get paid close to $3,000 per post but guests at the hotel get to use the service for free. The only catch is influencers will have to use the hashtag #postedbysocialmediasitter in each post, so your friends and family will know it isn’t you posting. That’s the cost for the perfect picture.

To help market the service, Ibis created a hilarious commercial of an ‘Instagram boyfriend,’ similar to Taco Bell’s new commercial where the actor boyfriend tries to get a good shot of his girlfriend on the lake but is attacked by all the ‘likes’ and stigmas posting brings with it.  While the ad is funny, it teaches a good lesson on how social media consumes our daily lives. The key element in Ibis offering this service is the hope that visitors will be less distracted while on vacation.