As the air gets more brisk and the leaves begin to turn, our days become shorter and we lose out on getting our daily dose of vitamin D. 

There are, however, some places in the world that get an abundance of sun all-year-long. 

If you’re in need of places with endless sun, check out these 5 destinations!

Desert Trail Hike
Young man hiking outdoors on a trail at Phoenix Sonoran Preserve in Phoenix, Arizona.

Phoenix experiences short winters and very long summers with extreme heat. This city gets about 3,872 hours of sun in a calendar year and has the highest amount of 100 degree days in a year. 

This African city undergoes temperatures of 110 degrees Fahrenheit and up. It’s an awesome destination to explore because it’s generally less crowded than the other locations on this list. 

Yuma has about 4,015 hours of sun each year with temperatures of about 100 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer months. Visiting Yuma is a great opportunity to visit the Kofa Mountains as well.

Located on the Nile river, this city goes through about 3,863 hours of sun each year. Aswan is extremely hot for most of the year, with its summer lasting from March to November. 

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You can’t mention sunny cities without bringing up Las Vegas. The city of sin keeps about 3,825 hours of sun per year. On an average day, you can expect the temperatures to be about 90-100 degrees, but don’t worry, if you get too hot just hit up the resort hotels and casinos.