Level 3: The Studio in Atlanta Offers Trap and Twerk Yoga
Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of Level 3 Yoga

Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of Level 3 Yoga

Level 3: The Studio in Atlanta Offers Trap and Twerk Yoga

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Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Nov 16, 2019

There’s a new spot in Atlanta that’s putting a spin on yoga.

Don’t take Travel Noire’s word for it: it’s loud and clear in Level3 Yoga’s class descriptions.

One class titled “Trap Yoga” is a power class set to popular hip-hop and trap music.

Another class title, “Trap N’ B” is a spin on the studio’s popular trap yoga class, set to upbeat RnB music.

And if you feel like twerkin’, then the class Twerk Yoga is the best class for you which is described as “if twerking and yoga had a baby”

Photo courtesy of Level 3 Yoga

Known as Atlanta’s only all-hip hop yoga studio, Level 3 Yoga aims to serve as a strong work out class for those who come in as well as a great stretch, all while keeping the basics of yoga.

The studio’s owner and founder, Audrey Cash, told Black Enterprise that a lack of diversity within the industry is what inspired her to start her own.

“I started teaching at a really prominent studio in Atlanta. I was running into a lot of issues. I couldn’t play the music I wanted to play, short white women who don’t have the same bodies as we do were telling me cues that physically do not work in my body, and they were asking me to open my hips in ways that do not work for black women,” she said.  “After sort of discovering this type of yoga that I wanted to teach, I thought, ‘OK, it’s time to open up a studio.’”

Photo courtesy of Level 3 Yoga

Cash opened up her studio in June 2019 and her studio has served as a safe space for people wanting to experience yoga outside of what’s considered “the ordinary.”

“I want to unapologetically help black people because I think we have been under-served when it comes to health and wellness. And that doesn’t just have to be just through yoga, but mindfulness, and deep breathing as well,” said Cash.

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