As stay-at-home orders resume and travel remains limited to essential workers, industries across the country are feeling the financial impact. And it comes to no surprise that the travel industry is taking the hardest hit.

A recent study shows that more than half of Americans have either canceled or postponed upcoming travel plans due to the coronavirus.

Data from the Transportation Security Administration backs that data as the agency reported the number of airline passengers fell below 200,000 in early April. At the same time period in 2019,  more than 2 million people passed through TSA checkpoints. 

Despite these grim numbers, there is some hope thanks to a new study conducted by The Harris Poll.

The latest results suggest that there will be an increased demand for hotel-stays once stay-at-home restrictions are lifted: an indication that people are looking for a getaway.

Data from the poll collected between March 28 and March 30 shows that more than 40 percent of respondents will be willing to stay in a hotel at least three months from the curve flattening.  By six months out, 60% of respondents say they’ll visit a hotel.

The downside to the study, however, is people will more than likely change their means of travel. Only 15% of Americans said they’ll fly within a month after the government signals that COVID-19 is abating.

31% said they’ll fly within three months but worryingly, only 49% of respondents said they think they’ll be ready to fly at the six-month point. 

The cruise industry is expected to have the longest road to recovery. Only 10% of Americans say they’ll get on a cruise ship within a month of the curve flattening. By the six-month mark, only 26% of respondents think they’ll be ready to sail.

A combined majority of 57% is hit only when you include people who say it will take a year or more before they will take a cruise. 

Take a look at the survey in its entirety here.