Think of the most worn-out New Year’s resolution. We hear it every year, from family members, close friends & even people on TV.


“This year, I’m going to stay in shape. I’m hitting the gym.”

You know what, though? It sounds great but most people tend to stick to their promise for the first two weeks of the year. Staying in shape is a difficult dedication. Now imagine traveling the world and attempting to stay in shape. The degree of difficulty increases tenfold.

Many of us have our goals in mind for 2014. Some of us have lofty travel plans and others want to get fit and stay that way. Why not combine the two? Below are different ways to stay in shape while traveling the globe in 2014!


Headed to beach paradise in the Maldives? While your main goal is probably ultimate relaxation, consider it a reward after a quick workout on the white sands. Take a quick run on the beach or at the very least, a fast paced stroll. That’s enough to get your calves burning. Go for a swim if you’re a proficient swimmer. Open water swimming may not be for everyone, so take care and swim close to the shore. Perhaps even go snorkeling and enjoy the vibrant life underwater. It’s a sure-fire way to get a total body workout. Try your hand and balance at paddle boarding as it is one of the best workouts for your arms and core. Take my advice, it’s a ton of fun once you get the hang of it!


If your travels lead you to a metropolis like Tokyo, staying fit while roaming the streets of Harajuku should be a breeze. Skip the taxi! I always walk as much as possible and utilize public transit in a new city. You get to observe things up close while burning calories. If you have a special way to stay fit – yoga, zumba, kickboxing – finding a studio online to schedule a class. It’s always exciting to try out a different instructor in a different country. Also, as another piece of advice, don’t avoid the stairs at the museums you attend. Last but not least, rent a bike as it’s one of the most efficient ways to explore a city!


This goes without saying, but I will…HIKING! It is truly amazing to explore the beautiful terrain of the mountains. From the rocky Hatta Mountains in Oman to the snow capped French Alps, hiking is an amazing way to stay fit and take in all that nature has to offer. Rock climbing can be a fun and challenging activity for more experienced fit travelers. When doing these particular activities in new places, it is best if you have a guide and/or instructor. If you find yourself in a colder climate, head to the slopes. Skiing and snowboarding require a lot of bravery and balance! By the time you make it back to the lodge and peel off the ski gear, you’ll surely be thoroughly worked out and ready to cozy up by a fire and enjoy your vacation.

Here are a final few tips.

1. Most hotels have fitness centers, use them.

2. Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water while traveling.

3. Maybe, just maybe on one of those nights, don’t eat everything in sight at the buffet.

4. Sticking to your usual fitness plan while on holiday is highly unlikely, but not impossible either! Don’t make getting back into you routine more difficult!

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