The Amalfi Coast offers lots of towns with many hotels depending on your needs and pockets. When visiting, it’s sensible to choose a base where you’ll stay as you explore the coast. I will focus on the towns and the pros and cons of staying in those towns.


The starting point of the Amalfi coast though some won’t classify it as part of the Amalfi coast. It is very accessible hence a popular base point for tourists who might also come as a disadvantage considering the crowding and all that. It is, however, a perfect place if you wish also to explore Naples and Pompeii. The traffic is like that of a big city though. There are more English speakers here which might be an advantage to an English speaker.

Sant’Agata and Nerano

From here you can get views of the Mt. Vesuvius and a great view of Capri as well. This is the perfect place for food lovers as the cuisine is excellent. However, you won’t be at the center of the Amalfi Coast Action here.


The awesome views of this town don’t come for free; you’ll have to have a pretty strong back if you’re to keep climbing the steep cliffs of this town. Its hotels are probably the most expensive on the Amalfi cost hence it attracts some of the world’s top celebrities.  This is the place if you want to vacay with some of the world’s top celebrities and are physically fit

Praiano and Conca dei Marini

It’s a more quiet option in comparison to the nearby Positano and Amalfi. It is the perfect spot for beach lovers. However, if you are the time that loves their convenience, don’t base here – the transport connection isn’t as good.

Amalfi & Atrani

Amalfi offers the luxury of Positano without the prices. It offers everything for everyone.. It also has the biggest collection of historic architecture considering it is the largest town on the coast and would be perfect for those who are into history. It shares beaches with the nearby smaller town of Atrani. This is your spot if you want to be in the middle of the action on the Amalfi coast.


Ravello sits on a hill far from the coastline. It has a romantic atmosphere and is quieter and less hectic than most of the other Amalfi coast towns. This is the base for you if you want peace and tranquility and great views of the Amalfi coast. Don’t stay here if you’re a looking for a bustling nightlife as it’s comparatively non-existent.

Maiori and Minori

Maiori has the biggest beach on the Amalfi coast. It is also cheaper than the rest. It is home to some awesome ancient Roman ruins and could be a plus for those into history.

The neighboring Minor has a pleasant climate and breeze. Minori is the pasta capital of the world.

These two are the best for those traveling with children and want a family-friendly base.