It’s that time of year again. But unlike every other year, you can remember, your children may not be physically returning to school. If virtual school is on the agenda for fall, here is a list of essentials to have at home.

According to, The American Optometric Association estimates that 50%-90% of computer users suffer symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome (also known as Digital Eye Strain or computer eyes). Likewise, the Vision Council reports over 200 million Americans to report these symptoms after only two hours in front of a screen: headaches, neck strain, fatigue, and blurry vision. Felix Gray blue light filtering glasses for kids help to block out the harmful blue light and glare from computer and tablet screens that can cause these symptoms.

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Conflicting work conference calls and virtual school lessons can make things a little hectic (and noisy) at home. Buy your child a good set of headphones and help mitigate the madness. JBL JR300 headphones are designed to always limit the volume below 85dB, making them safe for even the youngest users. They also feature a lightweight design, custom designed ear cushions and a soft padded headband available in different colors.

Depending on where you live, your neighborhood library may be open for business. Take advantage of the local resources they offer and get a library card for your son or daughter. Of course, you’ll have access to an abundance of free books, but you may also be able to sign up for virtual activities and lessons to supplement your child’s school program.

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The bag of surprises works best for little kids and is great for when all else fails. Whether you desperately need 30 minutes of quiet for work or personal time, the bag of surprises can be a life saver. Head to your local dollar store or find inexpensive toys and knick knacks on Amazon and store them in a place that is out of sight and out of reach of your little ones. When in a crunch, grab a few items from the bag to keep them busy. The surprise and newness of the toys will keep their attention long-enough for you to be productive.

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