Sprayground has long been one of the world’s leading travel accessories brands who has led the way with backpacks and accessories that are not only functional but hip and fashionable, making them an eye-catching favorite amongst millennials and Gen Z. Recently, they released their first ever African inspired collection and it’s one that you’ll have to see for yourself. 

The collection is called A.I., an acronym for African Intelligence, and features a total of 27 pieces. According to Sprayground, the A.I. collection is a project inspired by the Royalty, Pride, Love, and Power of the birthplace of nature and humanity itself: Africa.

African Intelligence by Sprayground

The collection consists of backpacks, totes, toiletry bags, crossbody bags, duffles, and more in a variety of prints, fabrics, and colors.

It’s a pretty big deal that Sprayground decided to develop an African Intelligence collection. It is a testament to the power that the African Diaspora can have on the market.

African Intelligence by Sprayground

Sprayground is an influential brand whose backpacks are heavily supported by young fashion-forward highschoolers and college students. More impressively, they’ve collaborated with a host of celebrities including Chris Brown, Young Thug, Shaquille O’Neal, and Love and Hip-hop’s reality star Dreamdoll, to name a few.  Now, the brand that has built its success by rooting itself into Hip-hop culture and advancing freedom of expression is paying homage to Mother Africa.

African Intelligence by Sprayground

Sprayground is known for never repeating a product design, which means this will be the last time we see these particular African Intelligence backpacks. Hopefully, Sprayground will continue making pieces inspired by the diaspora, including a possible Carribean Islands inspired collection. Given they will be in limited supply, A.I. might very well become a sought after collector’s item.

Check out the full collection here.