If you haven’t heard of Sho Madjozi yet, its time to get him to this South African rapper making waves in the music industry.

Sho Madjozi recently won a BET Award and released a new single entitled ‘John Cena’. The track, named after popular WWE wrestler John Cena, is really garnering attention globally. John Cena even publicly acknowledged the rapper on his Instagram account which has over 12 million followers.

Cena posted a photo of Sho Madjozi on his Instagram with no caption which we assume means he approves of the song named in his likeness. After all, his IG bio does say: “Welcome to my Instagram. These images will be posted without explanation, for your interpretation. Enjoy.”

Even music legend Missy Elliott praised Sho on social media after her performance on Colors went viral.

WWE also showed love.

Since then, Sho Madjozi has received massive love and her performance on colors hit more than 1 million views in a week making her the first South African artist to receive a million views on the Colors channel.

Sho shared her reaction with her fans saying: “I just love you guys because you are doing the most on a song that is literally from a performance video. The world is ours, trust me!”

In ‘John Cena’, Sho mixes her languages of Xitsonga and Swahili over broke Gqom (a genre of South African music).

Watch Sho Madjozi’s performance on Colors below: