Skyhour is taking a new approach to travel. Imagine being able to book a flight in seconds and give someone the gift of air travel? The holiday season is upon us and you know what that means? Gift shopping time. Unless someone tells you exactly what they want, finding a gift for someone is much more difficult than you think. Figuring about what that person likes, or dislikes, etc.


Skyhour, new gifting app (not to be mistaken by Amazon), offers the ultimate gift for any traveler. SKyhour lets you purchase tickets towards any flight based on how many hours the trip actually is. Yup, that’s right. 1 Skyhour for $60 equates to one hour of flight travel, potentially cutting prices for flights in half. With three Skyhours, a six-hour flight from New York to Los Angeles will only cost you about $180. What a steal!


Co-founders Fernando Câmara and David Nogueira found that 95% of flights cost about $60/ hr using travel technology for research. 


The receiver can their new Skyhours towards over 350+ flights across the world, booked directly through the Skyhour app. According to Bustle, the “cool and simple” idea should catch fire.


The app also allows you to set your travel goals using photos and setting a budget to share with others around the world.


Skyhour is the perfect gift for any traveler this holiday season.