Within the next few weeks, consumers will embark on two of the biggest shopping days of the year: Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


Holiday retail sales in November and December, are expected to increase between 4.3 and 4.8 percent, according to a report from the National Retail Federation. This year alone, consumers are expected to spend more than $715 billion.


As consumers prepare to score huge savings with in-store and online retailers during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Hopper, an app that analyzes plane ticket prices, are reminding consumers that there will be an entire day dedicated to people interested in saving on flights.


Travel Deal Tuesday, which falls on Nov. 27, will be one of the best days to save on airfare.  According to Hopper, consumers can expect to see more deals on travel than any other day in the post-Thanksgiving sale period.


During Travel Deal Tuesday in 2017, Hopper said there was a surge in fare activity.  Hopper increased their flight deal notifications to its members by 43 percent more than its average.  


Hopper officials told Refinery 29 that airlines tend to offer major discounts on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving because most travelers have already booked their holiday flights, so travel demand is down.


So which destinations will be discounted?


Shoppers can expect to see discounts of up to 40 percent on popular bucket list destinations such as Hong Kong, Paris, Sydney, and Rio de Janeiro.


To find the best air travel deals, Hopper recommends visiting your favorite airline’s website or download the Hopper app.


If you’re flexible, Hopper’s search screen will feature a special Travel Deal Tuesday Deal Explorer where you can browse all the deals and set up alerts for destinations or regions you’re interested in.