The art of tipping has always been the standard for certain industries. Your waiter or waitress, bartender, or pizza delivery driver are the people used to receiving tips on the regular.

Well, not anymore.

We recently reported on Frontier Airlines’ decision to ask their passengers to tip their flight attendants. It’s completely up to the traveler, but when its time to pay for the drinks, a new screen asking if you’d like to add gratuity pops up on the flight attendant’s tablet. But is it really necessary? TN hopped on Twitter to ask some avid travelers their opinion and as you can imagine, the responses varied.

Some travelers were just born with the giving spirit, as the thought of tipping their flight attendant wasn’t new to them. One follower said they tip often. It’s a smart way to get on your flight attendant’s good side.

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Frontier does not require passengers to tip the attendants, again, it is completely at their discretion. That’s all one of our followers needed to hear because if it were required, some travelers believe passengers would probably slow down on ordering drinks.

As for other travelers, tipping is going to be a no for them. With airline fees changing daily, some travelers think that the idea is pretty bold. Passengers already have to pay for luggage, seats and other things. Why would one tip the flight attendant who already has a job?

Not every flight attendant deserves a tip. Some are extremely unfriendly and can make your traveling experience unbearable. Some of TN’s readers took it personally with their responses.  Other followers don’t think it is the passengers’ responsibility, calling on the airline to pay them more.

If tipping them with money is the problem, there are other alternatives. Maybe bringing them a snack or a pen is more your speed. This traveler had some different suggestions.

So it looks like it is a toss-up.  The choice is yours.