This month, many people are planning to celebrate with a Memorial Day staycation or daycation close to home. However, trying to find the perfect hotel to suit your needs can be a stressful and daunting task. Now, thanks to HotelsByDay, it doesn’t have to be.

HotelsByDay allows people to book hotel rooms or amenities for the day or even half a day. Using their app, guests can quickly locate a local hotel offering rooms and amenity passes available in blocks of three to over 12 hours, in or near ideal locations such as business districts, shopping hubs, beaches, and airport areas.

There are typically over 7,000 daytime passes available for sale daily on the app, with all-day rates discounted from night rates by 50% or more.

Courtesy of HotelsByDay

Whether you’re looking to recharge for a few hours, enjoy a day of swimming with your family, or find a quiet place to work or hold a meeting, HotelsByDay has a solution for your last-minute needs. Daily amenities available for purchase include daytime bedrooms, meeting rooms, co-working desks, pool passes, cabanas, gym passes, and parking passes.

So, instead of being restricted to standard check-in and check-out hours of 11 am and 3 pm, guests can enjoy the flexibility of booking during off hotel hours, for example daytime hours of 7 am to 7 pm. The app even allows people to sort listings by criteria such as “credit card required” or “book now, pay later.”

HotelsByDay founder Yannis Moati was inspired to create the app after spending years working in the tourism industry hearing guest’s unique requests that could not be accommodated by hotels.

“HotelsByDay was launched in 2015 with the mission of enhancing hospitality by offering technology that unlocks day-time inventory and booking flexibility. Being a travel agent and tour operator for 15 years, guests increasingly requested some booking flexibility, as in early check-in or late check-out, or a room for a few hours to rest after a long flight.”

Visit: to learn more about HotelsByDay and to download the app.

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