No pool? No problem. Swimply is a marketplace that allows owners of underutilized swimming pools to rent them out for an hourly fee. In turn, users get a private swimming pool to gather with friends and family or enjoy some solo aquatic fun.

Co-founder Asher Weinberger came up with the concept after he bought his first home with a pool back in 2018. As he juggled the requests of family and friends to use the pool, he realized there might be an opportunity in the aquatic space. He and co-founder Bunim Laskin took their fledgling idea to 80 pool owners. Only four were receptive.

But fast-forward to 2021 and Swimply has over 250,000 users and more than 10,000 listed pools. Business picked up considerably during the pandemic when the app experienced a 4000% growth and astronomical increase in demand. According to Swimply’s public relations representative, Kristen Marion, 100 hosts request to come on the platform per day.

The average cost to rent a pool on Swimply is $45 an hour. All prices are determined by the hosts and depend on the location of the pool and its specifications. In terms of amenities, hosts are not obligated to provide facilities like bathrooms or changing areas, but the listings should clearly indicate what is included. Marion added that guests can message Swimply hosts with specific questions before booking. Safety is also a top priority for the company. Hosts can choose to be home during rentals or not, but the company pledges to rectify any issues that may arise.

“The Swimply Protection Guarantee is our commitment to our hosts and guests to make things right in the event that something goes wrong during a U.S.-based Swimply reservation,” said Marion. “We want to provide hosts and guests with the peace of mind that they will be taken care of in the rare event of a guest injury or property damage. At this time, our Swimply Protection Guarantee is offered at no additional charge to hosts or guests.”

They offer two programs to help protect both hosts and guests. Host liability insurance is available in case a guest is injured during a Swimply reservation. Property damage protection covers pool or property destruction that occurred during a Swimply reservation if the guest is unwilling or unable to pay for the damages. 

The company is also expanding to offer other recreational activities via a new marketplace.

“Joyspace will allow consumers to rent out their basketball courts, tennis courts, BBQ/fire pits, private gyms, indoor home theater, and even a simple backyard playset on Joyspace,” explained Marion. “So many folks don’t have regular access to these types of spaces. Our goal with Joyspace will be to help customers enjoy the simple joy of spending time outside in cool spots. Joyspace will untap the use of unique home spaces and help owners earn money by renting out these assets.”

Swimply is available in over 125 markets including the U.S, Canada and Australia.