Rent a one-bedroom in Brooklyn for only $600 monthly. The only catch is that it’s on a sailboat and there’s no shower on the boat. Getting a place in Greenpoint, a section of Brooklyn, for that price is a steal. The Craigslist post lists faucets, a toilet, a heater and solar power as features on this small sailboat.

With a toilet and no shower, renters have an interesting option. “No shower, most common solution is a membership at a nearby gym,” reads the ad. So, the listing doesn’t exactly come with the gym membership either. A minimum 3- month stay is required. It is only 5 minutes from the subway.

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An interesting solution to the rising rent prices in New York City, a sailboat could turn out to be a fun living situation. Currently, the average cost per month for an apartment in the same area is about $4,000. Bring a hotspot since there isn’t any WIFI. The boat is probably at a marina, so accessing the marina facilities may work.

Rent A One-Bedroom In Brooklyn For Only $600 Monthly. But It's On A Sailboat!
Frank Winkler

A unique take on tiny living, live aboard sailors generally know how to sail. So, putting an ad out there for non-sailors is a gutsy move. Living aboard a one-bedroom sailboat in Brooklyn, even at a marina is different than living on land. Water tanks need filling. Waste needs pumping out. The living quarters, or entire living space, can be minuscule. Plus, solar power only goes so far.

But the benefits of living on a boat are great. Obviously, there’s the savings. Spending $3,400 a month less on rent could pay for a quick vacation on a chartered yacht. Every month. The comradery that comes with living at a marina is another benefit. Boat parties, potlucks and sundowners (cocktails at sundown) are a thing. Oh, and the views are amazing. Rent a one-bedroom in Brooklyn for only $600 monthly AND, it’s on a sailboat!