Getting to the land down under is about to be a real possibility thanks to a new program from Qantas Airways, the largest airline in Australia.

Qantas is currently offering American travelers $135 off of any flight from the U.S. to Australia, and when you do the math, that’s the current rate to obtain a new passport in the States. Only 36% of Americans currently have valid passports, and the number is even smaller for African Americans, so the Qantas deal is sure to motivate would-be travelers to finally take the leap to venture abroad. Qantas operates in most major markets in the U.S., offering direct flights to Australian cities like Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne from Los Angeles, Dallas/Fort Worth, San Francisco, New York and more.

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If you already have a passport, don’t worry! You’ll still be able to use the offer code PASSPORT to redeem the deal. There’s no word on how long The Passport Take-Off deal will last, so take advantage while you can! Learn more about the offer here.

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