Discover Puerto Rico, the island’s nonprofit tourism marketing organization, has launched a new campaign focused on LGBTQ+ tourists. According to Go Pride Chicago, the campaign, titled ‘Live Out,’ seeks to entice more LGBTQ+ travelers to visit the island.

Having recently taken part in the 2021 International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association’s Annual Global Convention, Discover Puerto Rico has ramped up its efforts to market the Caribbean U.S. territory as a destination that is ideal for and welcoming of LGBTQ+ tourists, one where they can feel safe and comfortable to be themselves, and have fun while doing so.

“Everyone is welcome here! We say bienvenidos to inclusivity, equality, and — above all else, love!” states “As one of the most LGBTQ-friendly islands in the Caribbean, you’ll find that Puerto Rico is the perfect setting to let your rainbow flag fly high and proud.”

The website also hails Puerto Rico as the “LGBTQ+ capital of the Caribbean” and offers an LGBTQ Travel Guide detailing interesting cities and attractions to visit, as well as information on LGBTQ+ rights in Puerto Rico and travel tips for LGBTQ+ couples and individuals visiting the island.

‘Pathway to Employment’ is a part of the ‘Live Out’ initiative that involves hiring more LGBTQ hospitality employees to staff restaurants, hotels, clubs, and other tourist-related businesses in Puerto Rico. Partnering with and other hospitality businesses is helping this change take place, a crucial step in lending to the island’s atmosphere of diversity and inclusivity. The program also provides training and resources for workers in the hospitality industry.

“Among Discover Puerto Rico’s core values are inclusivity, agility and the importance of being collaborative,” said Discover Puerto Rico CMO, Leah Chandler. “These elements are even more prevalent as we look to the support of our LGBTQ+ community, both on Island and off.”

“We are fostering a travel industry that is safe and welcoming for both guests and employees. By increasing representation and strengthening our position as an ally, we make Puerto Rico welcoming for all travelers and support a historically excluded community.”

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