I recently returned from a weekend in London and the city never ceases to amaze me. I’ve completely lost count of how many times I’ve visited, not to mention the year that I lived there, and yet I never seem to outgrow London. Though it is difficult to put my finger on exactly why my heart skips a beat when I land at Heathrow, here are a few reasons why I love London so.

1. They lied. The food is actually good here.

Fresh seafood - Tuna sashimi with watermelon and basil.
Fresh seafood – Tuna sashimi with watermelon and basil.

2. There’s no shortage of city parks, both large and small.

TN - City Park Small

3. The buildings look EXACTLY like they do in the movies Oliver or Mary Poppins.

4. For an avid reader, I love seeing a city that has as many billboards for new books as they do for new movies. 

Book Advert

5.  The black cabs are big enough to fit a family of four + their suitcases all in the back seat.

TN - Black Cab 2 Small

6. You just HAVE to laugh at how expensive everything is.



7. There’s always a new trend to check out.

TN - Marshmellows Small



8.  The Contrast of Old and New

9. There is history at every turn.

Plaque commemorating an historic beat-down
Plaque commemorating an historic beat-down

10.  Horrible weather, crowded roads, polluted air, ridiculous prices and yet the city still manages to be an amazing place.

I DO heart London.
I DO heart London.

This story was curated by Nailah Hayward