There have been some memorable Airbnb stories out there, but a guest being kicked out on the grounds of being too attractive may be in a league by itself. Suzy Cortez, a Playboy model, says she was kicked out of an apartment she booked through Air B n B because the owner envied her beauty. Cortez intended to visit family in São Paulo.

This is not the first time Airbnb has been hit with accusations of prejudice, but they are often linked to race or nationality. Stefan Grant, the founder of Noirbnb, was inspired to start his business after the police were called while he was staying at an Air B n B in Atlanta. The property was apparently so nice that the neighbors couldn’t fathom why a Black man and his friends would be there, except to engage in something criminal.

Unfortunately, Black people are often expected to justify their presence in a given space. Cortez’s experience didn’t have a racial component, but she was deeply troubled nonetheless.

“This is the biggest prejudice and nightmare I’ve ever lived,” she said to Jam Press. “I am extremely embarrassed and psychologically shaken. A trip to see my parents turned into a horror movie.”

Cortez was renting the apartment at the end of January. After staying there for 48 hours, she and her belongings were thrown out by the owner. According to Cortez, the owner didn’t care for her workout leggings, leading him to cut her stay short.

The model wrote a furious email to Airbnb, which said in part, “I had to go out on the street, doing absolutely nothing, and having all my belongings in a garbage bag.”

She said she reported the cancellation several times, and when she returned to the property with police officers for her passport, she discovered even more of her belongings in trash bags. Moreover, her Airbnb profile was temporarily suspended but was eventually restored.

“Even the police themselves thought it was absurd,” Cortez said. “Me being the victim of all this, why? Prejudice because I’m famous, or have been on the covers of Playboys all over the world?”

Cortez said there was no other reason for her dismissal other than her fame and attractiveness. She took pictures of the apartment as proof that she caused no damages, and the only thing that was faulty was one of the closet doors.

A representative for Airbnb inquired after the model’s safety during and following the ideal. According to The New York Post, they “said they would cooperate with an investigation the model wanted to undertake.” A full refund was issued.

Cortez indicated she would file a lawsuit against the home rental company, but it isn’t clear whether she’s sought legal counsel at this time.