Planning a trip with your squad is a great way to spend a few days together in a new destination and just unwind. A lot of times we become so consumed with everyday life and we aren’t able to hang with our friends as much. Traveling together is the opportunity to catch up, turn up and create more memories. 

However, planning group trips can become stressful, especially when everyone has various budgets. 

While it may be difficult to discuss money and budget at times, there are things you can do to ease the awkwardness of traveling with different budgets. 

Communication Is Everything

Before planning your trip, it’s important for everyone in your squad to openly discuss their budgets and goals for the vacation. If everyone is being open, it will be much easier and less awkward. 

Everyone should also agree on budgets for accommodations, food, excursions, transportation…etc. 

Prioritize Activities

While having a conversation about budgets, it’s important to also discuss what activities everyone would like to do while on vacation. Everyone should discuss the things they must see so the rest of the group can plan financially. 

When priorities are set, everyone should agree on an itinerary so there will be no financial surprises while on the trip. 

Be Open To Accommodations

Staying in a 5-star hotel is nice, but if it doesn’t suit everyone’s budget, there are other options. 

Renting a house on Airbnb is great because the overall cost can be split amongst everyone and that way, everyone will have their own room with shared common spaces like a kitchen, living room and bathrooms. 

Consider Not Splitting The Bill Evenly 

When dining out with a large group of people, it’s easy to just split the bill evenly. However, if everyone has a different budget, you may want to reconsider. 

Allow each person to pay for what they ordered. It’s an extra step when calculating everyone’s bill, but it makes the experience fair and free of conflict. 

Get Creative With Meals

Eating out is the go-to option when traveling, but there are other creative ways to eat for everyone’s budget.

When arriving at your destination, go grocery shopping with your friends and everyone can help to make meals. Street food is also a great way to experience local cuisine while being considerate of everyone’s financial situation. 

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Mix And Match Excursions

Some excursions are a splurge while others are completely affordable. It’s great to mix both, so everyone can see what they want while considering budgets. 

Keep Track Of Costs 

When planning a group trip, WeTravel is a great way to organize group payment plans and communication. 

Download Splitwise for an easy way to divide costs. It also allows you to divide bills equally or by a percentage amongst everyone in the group. 

Allow Everyone To Do Their Own Thing

Just because you’re on a group trip doesn’t necessarily mean you have to do everything on the trip together. 

It’s important to schedule in free time so everyone can do things at their leisure. This way, everyone won’t feel rushed or forced to do things that aren’t in their budget.