Any frequent traveler will tell you that summer travel can be an amazing way to enjoy the beautiful weather and longer days around the world, but taking off to popular summer destinations while millions of fellow travelers are doing the same will come at a price. Still, the summer is often the most convenient time for many people to get away from the office and classroom for an epic trip, so if you want to make sure you take at least one vacation this summer, here’s why you need to start planning right now.

Flights Will Only Get More Expensive

It’s pretty simple to find affordable flights to international destinations for less than $600 during the fall, winter and spring months, but the demand for summer flights causes airfare to skyrocket when the weather heats up. Flights for travel in late June, July and early August to Australia, Tokyo popular destinations in Europe and South America won’t be a steal like they are in the winter and spring, but by booking now you’re ahead of the game and sparing yourself from dropping more than $1,000 for that July trip to Italy.

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You Have Time To Get A Group Trip Together

Money and time are the main reasons why group trips fall through, but by using the rest of the spring to encourage your crew to take a trip, you’ll have a better chance of hitting beaches and cities abroad with your favorite people come summertime. It’s not too late to recruit your friends for at least one international getaway, and you’ll be glad you pulled it together when you’re exploring a new area with your best friends.

There’s Still Great Travel Deals To Be Found

The thing about travel deals is that they’re rarely available for right when you want to leave. By starting to organize your summer travel plans in the late spring, you’re not planning so early that deals have yet to come out, but you’re not planning so late that sales on flights, hotels and activities have vanished. Travel companies are using this time to give one final push for travel before the season kicks off, so making use of those sale flights and hotel deals now is a smart money move. Anyone waiting to book until June, even for travel near the end of the summer, will be met with sticker shock everywhere they turn.

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