Each season has its own personality, but there’s something unique about fall. It offers a balance between the heat of summer and winter’s chill. The leaves change from green to sunset colored, setting the perfect backdrop for a fall photoshoot.

For those behind the camera, fall is full of possibilities. Whether you’re a serious or casual photographer, here are some great sites for a fall photoshoot.

Central Park – New York

Photo Credit: Vlad Hilitanu

This is a New York institution that is loved by locals, tourists and leashed dogs. No matter the season, there’s always something happening from organized events to spontaneous performances. At 840 acres, Central Park offers many options for photos, but arrive early if you want to avoid crowds.

The Bow Bridge may be of interest, while the Bethesda terrace and fountain are perfect for engagement photos. There’s also Wollman Rink, Strawberry Fields and Shakespeare’s Garden. For a playful touch, visit the Alice in Wonderland statue.

Gros Piton – St. Lucia

Photo Credit: JR Harris

The higher you climb this iconic peak in St. Lucia, the better the views get. It’s a challenging hike, so some people turn back at the halfway point. As it happens, this is one of the best sites for photos. Depending on the angle, you can make your model look like they’re “touching” Petit Piton, which appears to be much closer than it is.

Zion National Park – Utah

Photo Credit: Jamie Hagan

Angel’s Landing is arguably the most dramatic feature in Zion National Park. This narrow ridge has steep drop offs on either side, so every step must be taken with care. Experienced hikers can do it, but there are safer sites in the park for photos. The enormous orange, pink and yellow rock formations in the canyon are big draws for landscape photographers.

Sunflower Fields – Various Sites

Photo Credit: Olga Subach

Sunflowers are native to North America, and they add a lovely splash of color to any photo. In season, Buttonwood Farm in Connecticut and Colby Farm in Massachusetts have sunflower fields. There are multiples sites across North Dakota, too. If you want to casually take photos, you should be fine.

Joshua Tree National Park – California

Photo Credit: Gretchen Spencer

There really is no other place like Joshua Tree National Park in California. The crowning features are the Joshua trees themselves. Aside from these, there’s cacti, rock formations and Ryan Mountain. This stunning national park doesn’t have any bad angles, and it’s just the setting to elevate your photography.