Passengers Freaked Out While Man Received Pedicure On Flight
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Passengers Freaked Out While Man Received Pedicure On Flight

Sharelle Burt
Sharelle Burt Dec 20, 2018

A passenger on the plane put his best foot forward as he received a pedicure while sleeping on a plane.

Fellow travelers on the flight from Denver to Milwaukee were disturbed when they witnessed a woman holding the man’s right foot, filing his toenails while he slept. One passenger, Lynee Ruiz, was so horrified that she took a video of the incident. “Oh my God,” Ruiz said to the camera. The woman acted like she didn’t notice she was being filmed, even after Lynee burst out laughing. Ruiz’s husband, Jake, was in on the laughs, with the video panning over to him to witness this disbelief. “Oh my God, oh my God, you will not believe it! Look at them! Look at them!’ the husband was saying.

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The couple wasn’t the only people on the plane surprised by this act. Jake said that other passengers were ‘looking around and felt uncomfortable,’ but that wasn’t the only weird behavior the couple displayed. “They brought some burritos on board that stunk up the plane,” Jake said. “She was feeding him his burrito, airplane-style, so she was like, brrrr,” Lynee said, mocking a noise that babies like to make when they eat. The woman was then seen on her hands and knees searching for a sock that fell. “She was just crawling around,” Lynee said.

The Ruizes posted the video on the “Passenger Shaming” Instagram account. At first, they were annoyed, but then they saw the humor in all of it. “At first we were frustrated,” Jake said. “We were like, man, this is gonna be a long flight and then we just made light of it and started enjoying the show.” Shockingly enough, passengers are known to do some weird things on planes. Taking off your socks and shoes made the list at number four on a list of the rudest and annoying things people do on planes.

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