Boasting 65,000 listings, Paris is the most popular city on Airbnb, but that isn’t stopping the City of Light from taking the company to court due to the fact that more than half of those listings are on the platform illegally.


Earlier in April, the French capital filed a lawsuit against Airbnb and home sharing companies Paris Attitude and Wimdu, stating that the companies failed to remove unregistered listings from their website. Like many cities around the world, Paris is getting a lot tougher on how short-term platforms operate, going so far as to cap the number of days an individual can rent out their home as a short-term rental to 120 days per year.


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In December of last year, the city issued a mandate that those renting out their properties must display a registration number on their advertisements and listings. The city’s lawsuit claims that Airbnb failed to take down more than 43,000 listings that did not include registration numbers, which is 70% of all listings.


“We encourage Paris to follow the path of other cities such as London, Berlin and Barcelona, with whom we have worked efficiently on common-sense measures to promote responsible furnished tourist rentals,” Airbnb said in response to the lawsuit.




There will be a court hearing about the lawsuit on June 12, so if you have plans to stay at an Airbnb in Paris before then, there’s a good chance that your accommodation, registered or not, will be not be affected. If Paris wins the lawsuit, 43,000 listings could be removed from the platform. There’s no word on how current reservations will be handled if the listings are removed, but if you plan on staying at and Airbnb, book a listing that has a reservation number like the one above just to be safe.