If you’ve ever dreamed of owning an Italian villa, this may be your chance. The latest town to offer homes for close to nothing in cost is Bisaccia, a picturesque destination in Italy’s southern Campania region, just 80 miles east of Naples.

domeniconardozza | Getty Images

According to cnn.com, Bisaccia is putting 90 dilapidated buildings on the market for one euro (the equivalent of about $1.10), joining other places across Italy trying to save dying communities by incentivizing people to move there.

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The tightly clustered architecture lends itself to communal projects, and the town’s deputy mayor, Francesco Tartaglia, is encouraging families, groups of friends, relatives, people who know each other or investors to join forces. “We encourage them to buy more than just one house to actually have an impact and breathe new life,” says Tartaglia to CNN.

Bisaccia, Italy | Laz@Photo | Getty Images

As we’ve seen with other Italian bargain homes, buyers are expected to renovate their new property. However, unlike some of the other deals, there’s no stated investment level or time frame to complete the work.

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Legend has it, the town was built on the ashes of the Samnites’ mythological ancient city of Romulea. Today, Bisaccia is a sleepy village with friendly locals that was hit hard by emigration and a series of severe earthquakes, the last one in 1980, that increased the decline in population.

“Bisaccia is dubbed the ‘genteel town’ because, despite the hardship, its people have always been respectable, welcoming, hard-working and resilient,” says Tartaglia to CNN. “Newcomers here are pampered and taken care of. We want this place to shine again.”