A hidden peephole camera in a Brampton Airbnb ruined vacation for one Ottawa family. Even though Airbnb clearly states the rules for displaying cameras, one Airbnb host violated this completely.

The Airbnb stay was going smoothly until the family discovered the camera. The camera seemed to be well concealed in a peephole in a TV cabinet in a bedroom. Jas Grewal, who was staying at the Airbnb with his three cousins was disheartened by the hidden camera.

“It came to my cousin’s attention,” Grewal said to CityNews, “We were trying to plug our laptop into the TV and we were looking for an HDMI cable, and when he went to look for the HDMI cable, he saw there was a cabinet with a little hole… a peephole. And when he looked closer, the cabinet was locked so you couldn’t actually access the cabinet. There was like a camera behind it that was locked. That’s when we figured out that there was a hidden camera in our living space. The mattress was right in front of it.”

Hidden peephole camera in Brampton Airbnb causes concerns for family

Airbnb’s website clearly states: “security measures like security cameras and noise monitoring devices are allowed, as long as they are clearly disclosed in the listing description and don’t infringe on another person’s privacy. Rules about devices apply to all cameras, recording devices, smart devices, and monitoring devices.”

In a statement, Grewal also revealed that his faith in Airbnb has dwindled and he now feels safer in hotels.

In a statement to CityNews, Airbnb wrote: “Airbnb has a clear policy when it comes to the use of security cameras in homes that must be adhered to by all Hosts. We take guest privacy seriously and our dedicated Safety team is thoroughly investigating. A full refund has been given to the guests and the listing has been deactivated pending the investigation.”

The Brampton Airbnb remains under investigation and suspended on the site.

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