As jurisdictions from all over the world discuss issues surrounding marijuana, and whether to legalize it for recreational or medical use, lawmakers in Ontario are considering legislation that could boost profits for those in the tourism sector.


The Legislative Assembly of Ontario introduced a new law this past September that would allow hotel owners the option to allow recreational consumption of marijuana in their guest rooms.


The Cannabis Statute Law Amendment Act would allow hotel, motel, and bed and breakfast owners to tap into cannabis tourism if the measure passes.


For the proposed legislation to pass, Ontario lawmakers would have to ease the laws on how cannabis is obtained.


As reported in Marijuana Business Daily, if approved, and the legalization takes effect in Ontario on Oct. 17, sales will be limited to mail orders only until March of 2019. The first physical dispensaries are not expected to open until April of 2019.


The current legislation has specific guidelines on how cannabis is consumed for residential use and in public places where there are smoking bans throughout the city.  The proposed measured would target boutique hotels and consumption in long-term care homes and hospices.


Wayne Thomson, chair of Niagara Falls Tourism told reporters with Travel Pulse that, “The opportunity for job creation and tourism (from legal cannabis) is going to happen in Niagara Falls, Ontario. I don’t think there’s any question it will have an impact on tourism.


Thomson continued, “This is incredible news for us, as it enables our guests to consume without fear of breaking any laws in public, before, during and after a tour, as long as it’s in a designated smoking zone. Yesterday, you could only consume recreational cannabis in your own home or in a property where the landlord permits it. Today, that has been blown wide open.”