Are you ready to travel but not sure which countries are allowing visitors?  There’s a new online tool that will make it easier to decide.

The International Airline Transportation Association has created an Interactive (COVID-19) Travel Regulations Map that features up-to-date information about the destinations opening up to travelers and to what degree.

Countries on the map are color-coded to provide people a user-friendly guide of the current travel restrictions and the level of strictness within each country. There are four categories are:  ‘Totally Restrictive’, ‘Partially Restrictive’, ‘No regulations’, and ‘Latest updates currently under review.’

Interactive Coronavirus (Covid-19) Travel Regulations Map | IATA 2020

The online portal allows users to click on a country for detailed information related to travel, including air-travel status, quarantine policies,  documentation requirements, and more, as reported in Travel Pulse.

When countries began shutting its borders in February 2020 in response to the rapid spread of COVID-19,  regulations changed overnight.  Many travelers were left confused and scrambling to adjust their plans last minute.  

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As things begin to normalize and countries begin welcoming tourists,  the travel industry recognizes the importance of keeping people updated on the latest developments across destinations.

The Interactive COVID-19 Travel Regulations Map is powered by Timatic software and used  by airlines, aviation partners, and travel agents, to ensure that prospective travelers fulfill the requirements needed to enter each particular destination.