New York was among one of the first states to impose a mandatory quarantine order on those traveling from high-risk states. Since going into effect, it has been somewhat difficult to enforce the rule.

In an effort to get things under control, Mayor Bill De Blasio announced that New York City would start implementing checkpoints in the five boroughs to ensure people coming from the 34 banned states, are in fact following the rules.

“The checkpoints are going to send a very powerful message that this quarantine is serious,” Mayor de Blasio said in a statement. “Even if we can’t reach every single person I think it’ll get the message across. We don’t want to penalize people. We want to educate them, make sure they’re following the rules.”

Beginning Wednesday, city officials will set up random checkpoints throughout the city each day. Travelers coming in from any of the quarantine states, whether by air, car, bus, or train— are required to fill out a form for contact tracing purposes.

Refusal to submit the form could bring fines as well as a forced quarantine, but it is all being done in an effort to keep the numbers from spiking again.

“We have been working incredibly hard to drive down all the cases in New York City,” Dr. Ted Long, head of New York’s test and trace program said. “We want you to come into New York City but we need you to quarantine for two weeks.”

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