If there’s one thing that Black Twitter does well, it’s making light of the often embarrassing events happening in the United States. As the FBI and other agencies release no-fly lists from the Pro-Trump Capitol riots, the memes and jokes started flying in.

Videos began to surface across social media on Monday, showing the backlash that rioters were facing as they attempted to fly back home. Let’s just say that for once, they saw what it felt like to be singled-out.

While the arrest videos document the very sad reality of our nation, and the effects of privilege, social media didn’t waste any time giving us the laughs we needed.

Monday afternoon, #noflylist began trending on Twitter.


Some travelers even uploaded videos that were taken as rioters were detained in airports.


The content is literally never ending, and will definitely bring some comedic relief to all that is going on right now.


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