LUMA Projection Arts Festival is in the next age of digital media by using projection mapping technology to curate their annual New York-based immersive art festival. The 3D animated installations are blown up on towering architecture that reinvent these buildings into shape-shifting structures.

The organization was founded in 2015 by a small trio of creatives who wanted to bring these modern art techniques to the forefront of live entertainment. The debut of the LUMA festival attracted over 30,000 visitors and has scaled larger and larger every year.

The fall festival takes place in Binghamton, New York state and free reservations are required in wake of COVID-19 cases rising nationally.

The 2021 installment of LUMA is occurring on the second weekend in September on both Saturday and Sunday (Sep. 10th & 11th) for 1 hour and 15 minutes. The digital gallery has 3 show times each day staggered back-to-back from 8:45pm, 9:45pm, and 11pm.

The LUMA arts exhibition is welcome to all ages and is definitely an extraordinary event to take the family too.


This year there will be 4 featured global artists that are going to showcase their art, and more artists will be announced closer to the festival dates.

LUMA’s mission is to make the projection mapping art-form more accessible to those who may not be able to afford a high-priced 3D printer or projection mapping equipment overall that run upwards of $16,000 for major events. The immersive art installation series pushes the envelope of what can take place at an art show in terms of live entertainment for huge crowds of people at all ages.

Located in the square of 92 Court Street, Binghamton, New York, the festival is going to be of high-anticipation compared to previous year performances. There have been 3D motion actors used to create a spectacle and even artificial intelligence to story tell some of the most innovative depictions of three-dimensional art.


In the 2020 recap of the LUMA Projection Arts Festival, concrete buildings with roman pillars were collapsing into retro neon-colored sculptures. Other showings consisted of cosmic lights and human figures moving across the older towers while they continue to become fluid with the digital programming that allows these art landscapes to take on different forms.

There are 7 hotels nearby where out-of-town visitors can stay to explore other historical parts of the city that includes two beautiful carousels in different recreational parks.

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