New York City airport employees will officially have the highest minimum wage in the country. This great news goes for airport workers in the close-by state of New Jersey, as well.


According to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey‘s Board of Commissioners, the deal was authorized on Thursday (Sept. 27). The proposal states that minimum wage for airport employees will increase to $19 per hour by the year 2023.


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Travel and Leisure reports that there are over 40,000 employees who work in New York City and New Jersey airports. They include security guards, janitors, baggage handlers, security guards, wheelchair agents and so much more. This new salary increase is sure to be music to their ears. After all, they work extremely hard being that three of the busiest airports in the United States are New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport, LaGuardia Airport, and New Jersey’s Newark Liberty International Airport.


This boost in salary was approved to help decrease the turn over rate, which is 30% in New York City airports. A number of other United States airports have a much lesser rate. Some are as little as 6%. Let’s see if this paycheck bump will affect any employment changes.


“There’s no doubt that this new policy will greatly benefit the traveling public,” said Jeffrey Lynford, the Port Authority Vice Chairman, in a statement. “Better wages and benefits will result in significantly reduced staff turnover, allowing for better trained and observant employees who can assist in our overall security efforts as well as in emergency situations. It also will improve workplace morale and productivity.”


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The wage increase will occur little by little over the course of the next five years. The first increment increase will be on Thursday, Nov. 1. New York’s airport employees will see a $6 increase per hour, while New Jersey’s workers will see their check rise by $8.45 per hour.