Brace yourselves party animals, you might be able to turn up well past the wee hours in New York City, thanks to a recent proposal put forward by the NYC Office of Nightlife for 24-hour ‘party’ districts.

Because of COVID-19, New York City nightclubs and bars took a serious hit over the past year, and unfortunately, many were unable to rebound.

According to Spectrum News, bars and clubs can currently stay open and serve alcohol until 4 am. The NYC Office of Nightlife wants to create “entertainment districts,” which would not only help bars and clubs recoup a year’s worth of lost revenue, it would bring money back to the city.

As Ariel Palitz, the Executive Director of the NYC Office of Nightlife explained, “Rather than having to get it all in before 4 o’clock in the morning, it can actually help reduce conflicts and quality of life concerns by not having everybody rushing out and rushing in at the same time.”

When it comes to 24- hour events, New York City is surprisingly late to the party.

Other cities, such as New Orleans (Bourbon Street alone is party central), Berlin, and Melbourne, have clubs that are open at ungodly hours. The closest New York City had to this was Verboten, located in a former warehouse in Brooklyn, with parties pumping past sunrise. It took its cue from Berlin’s Berghain, known for wild, techno parties stretching from Fridays into Sundays. Berghain, which has a strict entry and no- cameras policy, is still running, but between not paying taxes, and a string of sexual harassment allegations, Verboten is permanently closed.

So how would New York City be able to implement 24-hour entertainment districts without running afoul of angry residents?

According to Palitz, “a search will be launched to identify neighborhoods with low residential density, to figure out where a limited pilot program for 24-hour nightlife could be tested.” By those parameters, one strong contender could be Times Square, though security on the streets would have to be beefed up, as it was the site of at least two shootings since May.

As expected, there are some opponents of the 24-hour party initiative, mostly related to noise and safety concerns. If it is to see the light of day, it would need the support of residents, local representatives, and community boards, as well as a state push for 24-hour liquor licenses.

So what do you think, Travel Noire family? Will all day/all night parties be a good fit for New York City?