NOMADNESS Travel Tribe has launched a new survey for travelers of color that once complete, will prove the spending power of Black travelers.

The NOMADNESS Diversity in Travel Consensus will work with its travel tribe to analyze the spending trends and behaviors of travelers of color. 

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“By conducting the survey, we are able to create a story through numbers. It is extremely important that we take the initiative here to make sure that we are represented accurately and effectively,” NOMADNESS Travel Tribe Founder Evita Robinson said in a press release. “What better way than to lean into our community and start in-house? We want to thank everyone who takes the time to fill out this survey which is going to inform the travel industry as a whole.”

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A survey was recently conducted that revealed Black Americans spent more than $63 billion on travel in 2018.  That survey served as a harsh reality for the tourism industry that stakeholders underestimated Black travelers.

NOMADNESS Travel Tribe is hoping to correct this with the survey.  You have until Sept. 16 to add your input.

Survey results will be revealed at a digital industry event on December 10.