What comes to mind when you hear the word “minivan”? Whatever it is, throw it out the window. 

Toyota did more than go back to the drawing board — they made a brand-new board altogether and redefined what it means to drive a minivan. 

Although highly functional, minivans don’t exactly have a reputation for coming correct with the swag. However, Black drivers — the original tastemakers — are flocking to Toyota’s latest offering thanks to its new styling and bold design. Toyota has found a way to do something no one thought could be done: putting some ‘respeck’ on the minivan and those who drive them.

It’s a new dawn. It’s a new day. It’s a new…car?

Enter the Toyota Sienna. Breaking the traditional minivan mold, the Sienna was created with all of life’s interesting little moments in mind. Designed for everyone, those who never even considered a minivan are suddenly discovering a brand-new world of driving possibilities, from short day trips to overnight wondrous adventures. 

To be clear: This ain’t your momma’s minivan. In fact, it’s not your typical minivan at all. It’s a sleek, innovative option for those concerned that they’d lose cool points by driving a minivan or those who didn’t believe a minivan could look so good. The Sienna Life has become Toyota’s calling card for trendsetters who are now hooked on unexpected ways this car enhances their driving experience. For creatives and entrepreneurs, the Sienna means freedom — freedom from having to choose between style and space because it offers both and so much more. 

For Toyota, nearly 25 years of manufacturing the Sienna model has helped perfect the process and made them an industry leader. Decades after the first Sienna debuted, Toyota has revamped it into a stylish hybrid that incorporates features from off-road vehicles and sport utility vehicles. 

By now, you may be considering a change of your own, and we don’t blame you! Take a deep dive into some of the exciting features the Sienna has to offer.

The Look

From the first glance, it’s clear the Sienna is not your normal minivan, which is a huge part of its appeal. As SUVs and other minivans have become more stylish, Toyota has put in the work to create a fresh alternative, and they’re lapping the competition. From entrepreneurs to singles looking for more space, the Toyota Sienna has emerged as a worthy contender, thanks in part to a stylish redesign that includes a sporty XSE trim, 20” dark wheels and black accents. 

The Feel

Space is king — especially when it doesn’t compromise style. Toyota has accomplished this with the Sienna’s luxuriously long captain seats, which include ottomans with the Platinum trim option. It’s an upgrade that welcomes more friends to come along for the journey and stay for the comfort. And thanks to split and stow third-row seating, everyone can pack an extra bag.  

The Functions

Inside the Sienna, you’ll find available 1500W-capable power outlets, making it possible to stay on the hustle and fuel your passions wherever they may take you. Or you can plug into an impressive HD entertainment system and celebrate any of life’s moments. With hands-free

power sliding doors, it’s easy to transport your belongings, whether you’re packing up for an upcoming drive-in feature or unloading from a weekend road trip. 

The Options

Boasting versatility and tech accessibility, the Sienna is available in five model grades, including LE, XLE, XSE, Limited and Platinum. Those interested in the “Hero” grade are in luck. The XSE will no doubt be attractive due to its unique blend of style and comfort, while Platinum lovers will find a first-class ride that packs a punch by catering to comfort, style, technology and versatility.

The winner of Kelly Blue Book’s 2021 Best Buy Award and the Top Safety Pick Award, the Toyota Sienna is the stylish option for new and seasoned SUV lovers alike. For those looking to get the most out of life, the Sienna offers much-needed versatility, style and so much more.

As Toyota says, “Let’s go places” with the all-new Sienna.