Google Translate is a must-have app for every frequent traveler. Launched in 2015, the tool helps users translate menus, signs, and speech in a matter of seconds. Now it’s getting even better with increased accuracy, more languages available for translation, and a new auto-detect feature. The app also has a new look which Google claims is more intuitive and easier to use. 

Google has added 60 new languages to their arsenal and their auto-translate camera is now able to translate more than 100 languages total. New editions include Hindu, Malay, Arabic, and Vietnamese. English isn’t required to be one of the languages used for translation, giving users the freedom to translate Arabic to Japanese, Spanish to Thai, or a number of different options. Here’s a full list of the languages that are supported on the app. 

In addition, Google has added Neural Machine Translations (NMT) to the camera in the app, which it claims will increase accuracy by up to 85 percent. The updated version of the app has a “Detect Language” feature that allows users to auto-detect a source language to translate it into a language of their preference. This will be helpful for those traveling in countries that speak multiple languages who aren’t sure what language they’re attempting to translate. 

Google rolled out the service to 1 percent of users today and will push the update to all users in the coming weeks. 

Head to the App Store on your iPhone or Android device to download the app and see if you’re one of the lucky users who get first access to the new features.