When it comes to chicken wings, there is only one debate: flats or drums? Or maybe lemon pepper versus honey barbecue. You will be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t love some wings. There’s a reason that it’s a ubiquitous party staple at major sporting events like the Super Bowl. In fact, Americans consumed 1.42 billion wings while watching the Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers compete for this year’s Lombardi Trophy. No word on how many are eaten on National Chicken Wing Day, but we’re guessing it’s a lot.

If you’re thinking of grabbing something to eat on National Chicken Wing Day (July 29), consider stopping by one of these Black-owned restaurants to get your fix.

1. Flava Wings, Houston, Texas


The Buford family out of Houston were ‘saucing and tossing’ their fried wings at home before deciding to offer their specialty to the masses in their community. Now anyone can chow down on their fresh, crispy, and flava-ful chicken, turkey, and duck wings.

2. R&R Extreme Wings, Indianapolis, Indiana


R&R Extreme Wings has dubbed their wings the best in the Midwest. They certainly have a wide variety of flavors to put that proclamation to the test. Among their offerings are classic or hand-breaded wings in mango habanero, panda orange, lemon yaki, bourbon, and Parmesan garlic.

3. Flavors Wings N Daiquiris, Arlington, Texas


The name is self-explanatory. This sports bar serves up basic or mixed flavored daiquiris and an assortment of 20 flavors of wings to choose from. There’s even an option to add some extra seasonings to your chicken wings like lemon pepper, Parmesan, ranch, spicy jalapeño, and garlic.

4. Fat Jack's Chicken & Fish, Kansas City, Missouri


This soul food spot is also known for its fish and shrimp meals. But their wing selection is just as sizable. Customers can feast on everything from a 3-piece with a side of bread and fries to a 48 wing platter. Wing Wednesdays, where you can get wings for $1.25 each, are also a big hit.

5. Daddy Mac's Chicken, Dallas, Texas


What’s better than chicken wings? Probably the jumbo wings that Daddy Mac’s Chicken features on Wednesdays. For an extra dose of that Southern feeling, add some boudin balls and fried okra.

6. Hood Wings, Anchorage, Alaska


Alaska has some of the coldest and longest winters on record. But the wings are bringing the heat. Hood Wings’ menu features 24 different wing flavors with some pretty creative names including Hood Rats, Yo Mama, Buttnakid, The 420, and Thug Love.

7. Francar's Wings, Macon, Georgia


Francar’s Wings is an institution in the Macon, Georgia area where they have called home since 1993. Their legendary wings have one of the wildest food backstories of all time, but their popularity in the community is undisputed.