Happy Earth Day everyone! This year, Nat Geo has put together a star-studded virtual event to help us celebrate and honor our planet. Performers include Ziggy Marley, José González, Angélique Kidjo, and AURORA to name a few.

The Earth Day eve concert will be hosted by Jessica Nabongo, the first Black-woman to visit every country in the world. For Nabongo, being a part of this event was important because sustainable travel is a big part of her platform.

“I care about our environment,” Nabongo told Travel Noire. “I love what Nat Geo is doing, and it was important for me to be a part of it. This is our home, we have a duty as individual citizens to keep it healthy.”

The globetrotter practices what she preaches in hopes that generations to come will be able to enjoy the earth the way she has.

Courtesy of Ziggy Marley

“When I travel I stay away from single-use plastics. I always carry a reusable cup and water bottle. That way I can just fill up on the go, or in the airport. I was on a flight from Detroit to Amsterdam, and we had 3 meals which meant three times for plastic cups. When you multiply that by the number of passengers on the plane, it adds up. I’m doing my part to reduce plastic usage.”

Additionally, Nabongo suggests carrying a reusable straw, too. She has one that folds up and can clip on to a keychain for easy access.

“Whenever I’m on an island and stopping by a roadside stand for fresh coconut water, I always pull out my own straw to help cut down on single-use straw waste,” she added.

Courtesy of Nat Geo

Nat Geo Earth Day eve concert

The concert will kick off on April 21 at 8:30pm ET. Viewers should stick around for a live after-party on the brand’s TikTok page at 10pm ET. Drop by to hear Jayda G. spin an original set accompanied by stunning visuals from the new Disney+ series, “Earth Moods.”

Visit the National Geographic YouTube page or http://natgeo.com/earthdayeve, to tune in.