Mykonos, Greece is one of the most popular Greek islands located in the Cyclades group. The popular tourist destination calls to free spirits looking to enjoy the vibrant nightlife, stunning beaches and picturesque villages. The island is full of culture and is known for fun day trips and lively local spots. White-washed stone houses play beautifully against the bright turquoise waters and create a homey charm that will stay with travelers beyond the vacation.

Mykonos, Greece, Quick Travel Facts

  • Best times to travel: March to May (shoulder season) and September to November (off-season)
  • Time zone: Eastern European Time (EET) 
  • Currency used: Euro (EU)
  • Noteworthy: Xlsior Festival (August)
  • Best for: Celebration, Girlfriend Getaway, Party Trip, Friends Trip, Couples Trip

Play: Things To Do in Mykonos, Greece

The Authentic Rhenia-Delos Cruise

Take a break from the party island’s allure and focus on relaxation. On the Authentic Rhenia-Delos Cruise, guests will ride through the iconic Mediterranean Sea. The beautiful islands of Rhenia and Delos are breathtaking. They also are ideal for swimming, basking in the sun and exploring the ancient city. A fantastic Greek BBQ souvlaki of chicken and pork, rice, salad, homemade bread and seasonal fruits is provided for all travelers.

Walking Tour as a Local

This walking tour gives travelers the chance to explore Mykonos as a local. With a knowledgeable local guide and private transportation, travelers will get the most out of their time at the island. They will learn insider tips and advice for optimizing their stay.

This tour is an excellent choice for a day trip around Mykonos. The Walking Tour begins at the historic Manto Mavrogenous Square, which is the heart of this quintessential Greek Island destination. It travels through the island and ends in the Instagram-worthy picturesque town of Little Venice.

Mykonos Wild Experience Tour

The Mykonos Wild Experience Tour is a thrilling way to experience the breathtaking Mediterranean coastline. This all-terrain Jeep tour gets travelers away from the overrun tourist spots. It exposes them to the hidden gems of Ftelia Bay and Merchia Beach.

The tour group will be able to take a dip in the crystal-clear waters of Fokos Beach and Mirsini Beach. They will also enjoy a lunchtime feast at a traditional taverna in Ano Mera. All entry admissions fees are included in this price. Travelers can begin their day at the Armenistis Lighthouse and end it relaxing on the beach. Along the way, they will be creating unforgettable memories in Mykonos.

Wine Tasting In Mykonos with Greek Ancient Varieties

With a bohemian island vibe and relaxed beach setup, this Wine Tasting in Mykonos is a classy and fun experience. Travelers will enjoy local Greek hospitality and culinary delights, along with three to five ancient Greek wine varieties. The wines are perfectly paired with different finger foods by a Wine and Spirit Education Trust sommelier.

During the tasting, the guide will share fascinating stories from Greek mythology. This is a perfect activity for those celebrating a special occasion, such as a birthday, honeymoon or anniversary.

Mykonian Spiti Cooking Class

In Greek, the word “spiti” translates to home, which is the feeling that comes to travelers during this cooking class. Participants will learn to make a fabulous traditional Greek feast from scratch in this exclusive Mykonian Spiti Cooking Class. Taking a break from the usual tourist activities, guests will learn how to cook with a local chef. They will learn all the delicious secrets behind Greek cooking at an authentic Mykonos farm.

With locally grown produce, travelers will make some of the island’s most beloved dishes, like spanakopita, gemista and giouvetsi. Travelers can choose to take a lunch or dinner cooking class. They also can upgrade to a farm, island or village tour for a deeper feel of the Greek life. 

Gourmet: Best Restaurants in Mykonos, Greece 


M-Eating mixes traditional Greek meals with innovative recipes. Travelers can start their meal with a light cycladic fish soup or a heartier Mykonian onion pie. Then, they can dive into sous vide lamb or a tasty sea bass plaki dish for their entrees.

After all that food, travelers will need to save room for dessert. M-Eating offers many delicious options, such as Mykonian amygdalotό cookie or a traditional halva. The bar has a great selection of Greek spirits, wine, beer, cocktails, soft drinks and international-style coffees. Executive Chef Panagiotis Menardos is at the helm of this five-star quality experience. The restaurant is cozy and simple in its elegance. It has an open outdoor seating area, and there is a exposed brick-style stone walls for the indoor seating area. 

Beefbar Mykonos

Beefbar Mykonos is a great place to indulge in a last night celebration in Mykonos. With waterfront seating with a stunning view of the marina, the atmosphere is perfect to relax. From street food, such as octopus tacos and Kobe gyros, to mouthwatering dishes, like Miso black beef and Unagi salmon, there’s something for everyone on this upscale menu. The bar bites menu is paired with a great wine and cocktail list. There also is a high-end cigar list for those interested.

Mamalouka Mykonos

The warm, relaxing and romantic vibes of Mamalouka Mykonos creates a welcoming atmosphere with natural wood and plant elements. The charming spot is perfect for a romantic evening out or a relaxing lunch with friends. The delectable menu is filled with options from creamy pumpkin soup to pan-fried feta cheese with fig relish. The entree list is offers light and savory varieties of pasta, risotto, grilled fish specialties and Mediterranean meats.

Karavaki Restaurant

The Karavaki is a restaurant that’s worth a visit for the view alone. The Aegean Sea’s vibrant colors reflect in the sky and are truly mesmerizing. Guests will have the opportunity to eat fresh local produce and ingredients on both the restaurant’s brunch and evening menus.

Appetizers, such as ahi tuna tartar and Mykonian bruschetta, are perfect starters for the meal. Some of the entrees offered are Manestra veal and fresh sea urchin pasta. The dessert is one of the best aspects of the menu. Karavaki offers a lot of delectable options, such as Moelleux cake, passionfruit cheesecake and lemon meringue tart.

Kastro’s Mykonos

Kastro’s Mykonos has been serving up the best cocktails in Mykonos since 1976. The restaurant boasts mouth-watering Greek and Mediterranean-influenced lunch and dinner menus. With appetizers like traditional Greek spreads served with crispy homemade pita and grilled manouri cheese, travelers’ tastebuds will be pleased. The desserts also are crafted in tradition and extremely flavorful. Travelers can’t go wrong with the Baklava with vanilla ice cream, pavlova with poached pears or Greek yogurt Panna Cotta with walnuts and honey toffee.

The restaurant sits in a charming 18th-century building. It is full of beautiful artwork that highlights the beauty of the sea, windmills and sunset views in Little Venice.

Stay: Best Places to Stay In Mykonos, Greece 

Mykonos Lagom 2 Sea View Studio

For an unforgettable stay, the Mykonos Lagom 2 Sea View Studio is an Airbnb gem that boasts breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea and marvelous sunsets. The studio is near Mykonos’ city center and the 180 Sunset Bar. Guests will certainly enjoy the fully equipped studio as they explore the island’s must-see spaces.

The studio is equipped with free WiFi, air conditioning, a smart TV and a coffee maker. It also has a balcony, so they can bask in a slice of paradise every morning and night. 

Seablue Town Maisonette Mykonos

If travelers are looking for a home away from home during their stay in Mykonos, Seablue Town Maisonette is a top pick. The recently refurbished home is spacious and has an easy walk to the beach. Located on the iconic Matogianni Street, guests can walk to the most popular sites, such as bars, restaurants, Little Venice and the old port.

They will wake up to stunning scenery every day with charming city skyline views. This is a pet-friendly space, so guests can bring their furry friend along to the beautiful island. The natural materials and bohemian accents of the home are homey and comfortable.

Villa Konstantin Mykonos

This stunning family-owned villa offers a wide range of accommodation options, including King and Queen suites, newly designed deluxe studios, contemporary terrace rooms, unique lower ground and open studios and classic larger group suites.

The Villa Konstantin Mykonos is different from other local hotels because of their deep focus on relaxation services. The villa offers wellness retreats and yoga classes. Guests can enjoy indoor and outdoor spaces for sunrise and sunset yoga sessions, surrounded by the serene beauty of the Aegean sea and Greek islands. They also provide yoga mats, blocks and stretching straps, along with a face towel and a small water bottle. Relax and rejuvenate from those adventurous excursions with a relaxing stay in this local gem.

Get Away: Getting To and Around Mykonos, Greece 

By Air

The best way to reach Mykonos, Greece is by plane. Mykonos can get crowded and expensive during peak summer months, due to its reputation as a Mediterranean party spot. However, travelers seeking a quieter and more affordable stay should visit the country during the shoulder season.

By Car

Car rental and ATV companies are available on the island at reasonable prices. However, parking can be difficult during peak season and some of the roads can be very narrow and winding. For travelers who decide to drive, plan the route ahead and use GPS navigation.

Ride-share or taxis are available throughout the island. However, they can get expensive depending on your travel plans.

By Public Transit

For those traveling along the coast of the Aegean Sea, ferries from the nearby islands of Santorini, Naxos, Paros and Crete are available. Mykonos is well connected to several nearby islands and mainland ports. Some of the ferry companies operating in Greece are Blue Star Ferries, Hellenic Seaways and Sea Jets.

Another way to get around Mykonos is by bus. The bus service in Mykonos is frequent, reliable and affordable. Buses operate from early morning until late at night. 

Explore Mykonos, Greece By Foot 

Mykonos is a small island so many of the popular tourist areas are within walking distance. Exploring the island’s narrow streets and picturesque alleys allows you to capture those Instagram-worthy moments. Be mindful that most streets in Mykonos are steep and built into the stone. Travelers should be prepared to walk uphill and bring comfortable walking shoes.