Munich, Germany is often an underrated destination with Bavarian history, Central European culture, whimsical art and attractions. It makes for an unforgettable travel experience for any history enthusiast, beer and wine lover, meat connoisseur and architecture buff. There are iconic live events and annual festivals that allow a glimpse back to the Middle Ages and turn-of-the-century icons. Munich has charming cobblestone streets around the bustling town square brimming with activities best enjoyed during the shoulder seasons. Millions of travelers from across the globe visit Munich for legendary German holiday events, like Oktoberfest or Christkindlmarkt. Make sure to plan an itinerary and book everything well in advance for a seamless and unforgettable experience.

  • Best time to travel: June to August (peak season), December to February (off-season), March to May and September to November (shoulder season) 
  • Time zone: Central European Time (CET
  • Currency: Euro (€)
  • Noteworthy: Oktoberfest (September to October), Christkindlmarkt (November to December), Munich Fashion Week (February), Starkbierzeit (March)
  • Best for: Whimsical Architecture, Beer & Meat Lovers, Art & Culture Festivals, Haunted History

Play: Things To Do In The Munich, Germany

Munich Ghosts and Spirits Evening Walking Tour

Step into the eerie world of ghosts and spirits on a captivating evening walking tour named Tripadvisor’s Travelers’ Choice Best of the Best in 2023. Led by a knowledgeable guide, the Munich Ghosts and Spirits Evening Walking Tour shares the chilling tales and haunted history that shroud the German city. Visitors will be enthralled by stories of spirits, monsters and restless souls that roam the streets. Along the way, there will be a few stops to fortify the nerves with some local liquid courage from three alcoholic spirits included in the tour.

Neuschwanstein Castle Day Tour From Munich

Indulge in the magic of Bavaria by embarking on the Neuschwanstein Castle Day Tour From Munich. This enchanting experience begins with a relaxing train ride from Munich to Fussen. On arrival, visitors have the option to take a leisurely walk or hop aboard a horse-drawn carriage up to the majestic castle.

During certain months, coach travel may replace the train. With skip-the-line access, guests save valuable time at this iconic site and dive straight into the fascinating history through an engaging guided tour about “Mad” King Ludwig II. Gratuities, food and drinks, and entrance fees are not included. They can be paid on the day of the tour during check-in to guarantee access to Schloss Neuschwanstein. 

Bavarian Beer and Food Evening Tour in Munich

The Bavarian Beer and Food Evening Tour in Munich will immerse visitors in the Bavarian brewing culture of Germany’s third most populated region. What sets this experience apart is the exclusive private tour of the Beer and Oktoberfest Museum housed within one of the city’s most historical buildings.

The knowledgeable tour guide leads visitors into the local beer gardens, beer halls and the legendary Hofbrauhaus. There’s an opportunity to sample the region’s centuries-old brewing traditions of Bavarian beer and food. It’s a hassle-free tour that promises a truly authentic taste of Munich.

Private Tour from Munich to Hallstatt and Salzburg with Austrian Lunch

For a truly amazing day of sightseeing, this Private Tour from Munich to Hallstatt and Salzburg with Austrian Lunch is perfect. Led by a knowledgeable local guide, guests will go beyond Munich’s borders with a private tour of the picturesque town of Hallstatt with breathtaking views of the renowned World Heritage Skywalk.

Afterward, a mouthwatering traditional Austrian lunch in the charming village of St. Wolfgang is included. The air-conditioned vehicle has WiFi to use on the way to Salzburg. The iconic landmarks are worth the trip alone with one being the house Mozart was born. All fees, taxes and professional guide services are included. Be mindful that entrance fees to Mozart’s Birthplace Museum and the Hallstatt Skywalk are not included, but are available for purchase during the tour.


Nestled in the heart of Munich, the historic Rindermarkt is a must-visit destination for travelers looking for a glimpse into the city’s past and vibrant present. Once a bustling cattle market in the 19th Century, this enchanting town square is a delightful mix of Old World charm and modern attractions. The cobblestone streets and enigmatic 14th-century Löwenturm showcase the intriguing telltale signs of bygone eras.

The ornate Ruffinihaus is now a collection of traditional shops housed within three magnificent buildings designed by the renowned architect Gabriel von Seidl. If visiting during Advent, the Rindermarkt transforms into the enchanting and nostalgic market lane of Munich’s Christkindlmarkt called Sternenplatzl. In the summer, unwind at the Rindermarkt Fountain where visitors can relax and sunbathe by the water.

Gourmet: Best Restaurants In Munich, Germany

Bodhi Veganese Restaurant & Bar | München

As Bavaria’s first vegan eatery, Bodhi Veganese Restaurant & Bar | München offers a warm and cozy atmosphere with a menu paired with an excellent drink list. The appetizers include specialties, like rich coconut cream soup with black summer truffle, creamy Obazda cheese spread with a soft pretzel roll, and a seasonal German bodhi salad. For the main course, delectable flavors like savory bodhi pancakes with crispy steak and a dark beer sauce or the aromatic Lupine Forest Mushroom Ragout with browned napkin dumplings really hit the spot.

LAX Eatery 

Sometimes, travelers want a fresh taste. This California-inspired health food spot is great for a pick-me-up before the next excursion. LAX Eatery has an all-day menu with delightful foods, like huevos rancheros, fluffy homemade blueberry pancakes, avocado toast and a vegan taco and quinoa salad bowl. There are refreshing treats, like acai and mango bowls.


Located near the iconic Sendlinger Tor, the Pescheria transports guests to the Mediterranean with a culinary escape to the sea. The relaxed ambiance complements the menu of the freshest fish and a selection of exquisite local and imported wines. The restaurant’s sustainable sourcing ensures every seafood dish is prepared in a truly Mediterranean fashion. There’s mouthwatering seafood risotto, succulent calamari, Provence-style fish, and creamy burrata di Monaco.


München72 is the perfect gathering spot for friends in the town center of Munich. Nestled in the lively Glockenbachviertel, this eatery has an inviting atmosphere with its brand-new sidewalk café adorned with retro furniture, vibrant parasols and blooming flowers. The diverse menu contains delectable options like mouthwatering burgers paired with an ice-cold beer, savory noodles and refreshing salads with a spritzer. To kickstart the weekend, they have a great brunch menu that focuses on various healthy dishes for every palate.

Gute Nacht Wurst

At Gute Nacht Wurst, they go beyond the traditional German currywurst. The mouthwatering menu includes a medley of homemade sauces and delicious Dutch fries or sweet potato fries. There’s a currywurst to suit every palate from the fiery red sausage for spice enthusiasts to the mild white sausage with a gentle kick to the authentic Berlin original sans casing. Vegetarian guests also can enjoy a serving of scrumptious vegetarian currywurst. The finest selection of Helles from renowned breweries, such as Augustiner, Tegernseer and Ayinger round out the visit for an incredibly authentic German delicacy for lunch or dinner. 

Stay: Best Places to Stay In Munich, Germany

Cozy Wooden Barrel In The Countryside – Munich West

This unique and rustic barrel-shaped cabin is a tranquil retreat surrounded by a lush garden. The Cozy Wooden Barrel In The Countryside – Munich West has a serene setting that remains conveniently central to the town center. Within a short 5-minute walk, guests can find a bakery, pharmacy and supermarket. The wooden barrel is divided into two cozy areas: an elevated sleeping space with a comfortable bed and a welcoming seating area. The extendable table accommodates up to four people with benches that transform into narrow beds. The bathroom and kitchen are located in the main house for privacy. There’s also a private entrance and free parking on the street and on-premises available. This charming spot is the perfect place for small families or solo travelers to Munich. 

Unsöld’s Factory Hotel

Experience the charm of Munich’s Lehel district by staying at Unsöld’s Factory Hotel. Nestled in this prestigious and tranquil neighborhood, the hotel is an ideal location near the famous English Garden and within walking distance of the whimsical city center. With 62 rooms across seven categories, the hotel has a modern design with a sustainable building concept. The convenience of an underground car park and easy access to trams, the underground and the museum line are all just steps away. 

Lion Homestay Munich

The Lion Homestay Munich is located in the peaceful Sendling-Westpark district of Munich. It’s a privately owned charming bed and breakfast with a unique Bavarian and African ambiance throughout the inn. There are two lovely double rooms on the second floor that are perfect for family, couples, friends or business travelers. The mini breakfast includes coffee, tea, porridge or muesli, roasted nuts and raw bars. There’s a local bakery just a two-minute walk from where guests can enjoy a delicious breakfast. The rooms also feature a minibar, high-speed WiFi and insulated walls for low noise level for a restful sleep. Additional amenities include laundry facilities and optional airport transfers for an additional fee.

Get Away: Getting To and Around Munich, Germany

By Air 

The best way to travel to Munich by air is the city’s main international hub, Munich International Airport. Consider whether direct non-stop flights or layovers are best to know what to book in advance. The Munich International Airport is well-connected to the city center by public transit and is a convenient location for travelers to reach any destination around Munich. Though it is a traveler’s dream year-round in Southeast Germany, prices can vary when booking flights and accommodations depending on peak, shoulder, or off-season travel.

By Car

Exploring Munich by car is a fantastic way to get around Germany’s third most populous city. The streets and town squares have plenty of shopping, restaurants and cultural landmarks. Travelers can rent a car from Munich International Airport or closer to the city center for more flexibility and convenience.

The city center can get congested, so driving may not always be the fastest or most convenient choice. However, having a car is advantageous if exploring the outskirts or visiting nearby attractions. Learn the local traffic regulations and parking options that can be found using navigation apps. 

By Public Transit

Public transit in Munich is one of the most convenient and efficient ways to explore the area. The city boasts an extensive network of buses, trams and the U-Bahn (subway) system. The Munich Transport and Tariff Association has various ticket options with unlimited travel within specific zones. Travelers can plan routes using MVV’s journey planner and app for real-time updates. Munich’s public transit system is known for its punctuality, cleanliness and ease of use. It’s excellent for navigating local attractions and popular neighborhoods.

Explore Munich, Germany on Foot

Sightseeing is a must when traveling on foot in Munich. It’s a delightful way to experience the city’s charm and beauty. Many popular attractions, such as Marienplatz, English Garden and Viktualienmarkt, are within walking distance of each other. Munich’s well-maintained sidewalks and pedestrian-friendly streets make navigating on foot easy and enjoyable. Additionally, walking allows travelers to discover hidden gems and enjoy the romantic Baroque architecture along the way.