Traveler Adria (@adria_phillips) shares why visiting the beautiful island of Capri with her mother made a great experience even better.


Travel Noire: Why was it important for you to experience Capri with your mother?

Adria: It was very important for me to experience Capri with my Mom for several reasons:

1). I don’t see my mom as often as I would like considering I live in New York City and she and my dad live in Fort Smith, Arkansas, so every moment with her is precious.

2). Mom works full-time while also being the caretaker of my grandmother who has dementia, so she deserves a break from time to time.

3). Mom absolutely loves a scenic coastline with beautiful blue water and mountains in the backdrop.  Since her favorite thing to do is relax on the patio and enjoy gorgeous coastal views,  I knew taking her to the Amalfi Coast and Capri would be the perfect birthday/Mother’s Day gift.  


Travel Noire: Where did you stay while in Capri? 

Adria: We stayed in the Campania region for a week. Our first three nights were at Hotel Continental in Sorrento, Italy.  This hotel is situated near the coast and only minutes from Sorrento shops and restaurants located in the city center. The service here was second to none and the view from our balcony and the rooftop lounge was incredible. On our first night there, the hotel concierge arranged dinner at Zi’Ntonio, which is a lovely restaurant located on the water at Marina Grande in Sorrento, Italy. The views are impressive and the gnocchi and strawberry cream cake at Zi’Ntonio is life changing – I highly recommend eating at this restaurant.


After spending three days and three nights in Sorrento, we moved on to Positano and stayed three nights at hotel L’Ancora, which is a beautiful hotel nestled right on the Amalfi Coast.  The L’Ancora exceeded our expectations in every way. The view from our balcony and the outdoor hotel restaurant was amazing, and the location was perfect. We were minutes away from the beach, yet up high enough to have an incredible view of the cliffs and rugged shoreline covered with pastel-colored restaurants, shops, and hotels. We used Positano as a base and took the ferry multiple times to Capri.



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Travel Noire: Where were your favorite places to eat while in Capri? 

Adria: Favorite restaurant in Sorrento was Zi’Ntonio located on the water in Marina Grande – a small fishing village in Sorrento, Italy.


Favorite restaurants in Positano were La Pergola and Buca de Bacco.


Favorite restaurant in Capri was Scialapopolo All’Onda D’Oro.  This restaurant offered such a peaceful setting and was located near the shore with views of the Faraglioni.  We also had gelato in the Piazza Umberto and enjoyed another meal at a restaurant in the Marina Piccola – I believe this restaurant was L’Approdo.


Travel Noire: What was the best memory you have of being with your mom in Capri?

Adria: I have so many great memories it is tough to choose one. We loved walking the narrow streets of Sorrento and Positano and visiting the colorful, quaint shops.  We also enjoyed leisurely walking on the magnificent island of Capri, eating delicious local cuisine, and viewing the stunning coastal scenery. If I had to choose a specific moment, it would have to be seeing the excitement that my Mom had awaking on her birthday and doing exactly what she loves to do – relaxing on the patio and enjoying a nice cup of coffee while taking in the spectacular coastal view.  



Travel Noire: What surprised you the most about this destination?

Adria: My mom was very surprised by the narrow roads and endless stairs. One of the locals told us that she typically takes over 500 steps to her apartment daily. My mom was also surprised with Capri’s electric blue water, which had a variety of hues near the coast and in the sea caves. I think the beauty of this island and the entire Amalfi Coast was more striking in person than ever imagined.


Travel Noire: Did you feel welcomed in Capri as a black traveler?

Adria: We felt extremely welcome in this region of Italy. The locals and other tourists were very friendly and offered numerous traveling tips. However, at times, there was a bit of a language barrier. I would recommend learning common conversational words and phrases within the Italian language before traveling to Italy. This will definitely immerse you in the culture and enhance your overall experience.  



Travel Noire: Would you go back?

Adria: I absolutely will go back.  I’ve never returned to a destination within the same year of taking the initial trip; however, the Amalfi Coast / Capri is so amazing that I have to make an exception and consider traveling back in July.  In my opinion, the only other place that compares to the Amalfi Coast and Capri is the stunning Napali Coast located in Kauai, Hawaii.