Taking a family trip is a great way to bond and make memories that will last forever. Making sure your flight is as seamless as possible when traveling with children is a vital component to a successful family vacation.

There are some airlines who specifically cater to the needs of family travel more than others.

Play Like Mum, A British parenting sites, recently released their rankings of 20 best airlines around the world for traveling families. According to USA Today, their rankings are based on airline’s preboarding options for families, meals & entertainment for kids, and whether or not checking strollers is free.

Emirates came in first place for the second year in a row as the most family-friendly airline. It met all of the criteria except that the airline charges for children under the age of 2 to sit on your lap.

Emirates took the top spot because they offer complimentary strollers (in certain airports), extra supplies like diapers, wipes, and bibs, and they gift children stuffed animals.

Jumping from sixth place to second place this year is Qatar Airways which bumped British Airways down to third place.

The only U.S.-based carrier to make the list is American Airlines.

Here is the entire 2019 list for most family-friendly airlines worldwide:

Photo courtesy of Play Like Mum