Afrofit Dubai is the go-to space for Afro-fit and Afro-dance classes for expats, locals and travelers based in Dubai. This fitness initiative that prides itself on showing people how to learn Afro-dance, burn calories and get fit with weekly Afro-dance and Afro-fit classes is one of the shining examples of African presence and business in Dubai.

Afrofit Dubai is described as “a high- intensity full- body cardio workout & dance set to the tune of Afrobeats music that burns calories and improves overall health.” This workout initiative is created so that expats and those living in Dubai can enjoy Afrobeats music, make friends and stay active.

On the website, it encourages all to “learn African dance and workout to the beat. Unleash yourselves and be free.”

Having celebrated it’s 3rd anniversary in 2021, AfroFit Dubai has become a hub for expats, travelers and locals alike looking for a chance to explore fitness through the lens of Afro-dance style classes.

While Dubai has long been a hotspot for Black travelers, Afrofit Dubai offering a space for the diaspora to engage with music, dance and Afro-fitness is an additional gem in the expat experience.

“Afro dance is another form of communication and a language understood by anyone watching.” reads one Instagram post caption.

The hugely successful dance group has many ways to enjoy being on beat and in shape – they offer packages ranging from outdoor dance classes, cardio classes, kids packages and even private classes. There is even a chance to connect with Afrofit Dubai for events and entertainment showcasing Afrobeats and dance in the Middle East.